"big things start small"

DIYANA started as “just for fun” clothing making for personal use. Because of the power of social media, DIYANA quickly caught people’s eyes by being brutal, realistic, witty, and relatable. “Through my designs, I speak about emotions, loneliness, and stereotypes.” That’s how Diana Cerminiece – the creator of DIYANA describes it.

"let your clothes speak for you"

“My designs often tell a story – something people can relate to. I like to show off emotions through my art so that people know that they are not the only ones feeling “that” way. Also I LOVE making “in your face” designs, mostly because not all of us are bold enough to stand for our rights, that’s why I’m here to help :)” – Diana

"the mind behind DIYANA"

Diana Cerminiece is a young multimedia designer, that is halfway on her path of becoming a professional Graphic designer. Besides being a youngster in the design world, Diana loves to make art in her free time – paint, draw, make wall art, take photos, etc. “I always try to remember that the most important thing is to stay authentic, no matter when no matter where”.  The young designer still has a lot of room to grow and develop, as Diana says “learning is the most important thing in my daily life”.